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Going forward in your business without a vision for the year (at the very least) is like going on a trip in a foreign country without a map, itinerary or destination.

You’ll be wandering around, stopping here and there, not really knowing what’s up and it will be like this for your business.

Is that what you want?

Perhaps it's time for you to try...

something you may not have considered before,
something outside the box,
something that taps into more than
just busy work and hustle. 

Did you know that people who use vision boards are 90% more likely to reach their goals?

People who don’t, struggle to get there for YEARS!


Because they are not prepared to take the time to get clear on their goals in the first place…

So... what are your goals?


We'll peek into the future and see your business & brand 1 year from now.

What does it look like? 
What kind of car do you want to drive? 
 What kind of clients?
what is your family like? 
Your services? 
 Where do you live, 
where are you travelling, 
what’s your mission, 
how much money do you have?

When you can really tap into this and DECIDE what you mother fucking want, specifically, not some vague idea, and then put it in front of your face on the regular…. Holy hell woman! 

Can you imagine what would happen?

Ummmm, only manifesting and reaching your goals and dreams and visions.

Let’s do this babe.

Let’s create your brand vision and tap into your power, potential and possibilities so you can actually see results and manifest what you want!! 
Join My Brand Magick Dream Board masterclass to manifest your grandest, most badass brand vision this year.

JUST $111 !!


THIS ISN'T your normal vision board exercise;  
this is for your BRAND!

How amazing and delighted will you be when you look at this and feel the inspiration, direction, momentum and purpose that you need to hit your brand goals this year!!!

This will take your 'word' of the year next next level.

While you may have done a version of a vision board in the past,
I’m sharing my secret process that includes
dreaming big,
personal development and
manifestation practices
to create a board with intention and focus so that your actual vision

So that you get to drive and own that car
you’ve been dreaming about

So you have those dream clients actually working with you.

So you can hit those big $$$$ figures and
have cash in the bank.

So you get approached with the opportunities you’ve only
dreamed of and are wildly in-demand.

So you can take those first class travel plans and actually go!

and... did I mention


HI!  I'm Steph

Heyyy there you badass boss queen (or king)!  I am so excited that you are here.  You are here reading this because it's time for you to get crystal clear on your goals and learn a way that will take to you to the point of seeing them come to life in front of your eyes.

I've been doing this a long time and after years of creating these vision boards with lacklustre results, I figured out a way that gets me whatever I put on it!   It's not hard or complicated, there are no secret potions or crazy strategies.... just the right mix of a little bit of this and a little bit of that!
Cryptic, I know, but you'll just have to join us in the masterclass to find out how!

Of course, there is action involved. Sitting on the couch wishing for things to manifest because you made a vision board and have 10 crystals in your pocket doesn't work.
And no, these things don't actually drop into your lap (well, sometimes they do) they will reveal themselves into your reality when you give them the right combination of attention.  Just like watering seeds so they become beautiful and fruitful flowers, you need to nurture them, focus on them and KNOW that the outcome is assured.

JOIN ME and the other badass babes already in the group .... waiting for YOU!

I'm going to show you

  • The 5 steps to creating your brand vision board so that you can create an energy flow that’s aligned with your goals, desires and intentions. 
  • The 9 energetic areas of business  so you can visually and energetically focus your intentions to create a powerful vortex of your desires ready to be manifested.
  • ​​The secret ninja way to make it work for specifically for your
    business and brand
  • ​How to actually get your dream board to work, manifest the things you have on it and not just sit there like another failed exercise.



An in-depth workbook to really nail your vision,
get clarity and tap into your energy for easy manifestation.
Strategy, tips and advice on finding the perfect imagery
so those visuals activate your subconscious and imagination.
Brand vision board template for desktop and mobile phone
so you can see it daily and tap into your vision consistently.
Access to the Private Facebook group with resources, pre-work, Q&A
and movement of women who are already taking the
first steps to add a little magick to their business
and raise it to a whole new vibration of
awesomeness, inspiration and momentum with all the feely-feels!!

When you use a vision board you will:

Have the VISUALS you need to focus on
Be able to tap into the EMOTIONS that call in your desires
Have clear INTENTIONS from which to work from
Access to the INSPIRED ACTION  you need to take

Be aligned to the vibration that delivers RESULTS

in your brand and business
so you can create the

momentum, alignment and purpose
to actually manifest the goals & dreams
that you have on it!


Turning heads as you drive in that new badass car
on your way to celebrate your 6-figure launch
wearing luxurious clothes,
with your VIP dreamboat clients at that
exclusive high-end restaurant you've always wanted to eat at. 

That is just ONE example of what you can BE, DO + HAVE!


It will be the perfect manifestation container for your brand intentions, goals and vision any time of the year.

THIS IS THE VISION BOARD METHOD THAT that actually helps you manifest the things on it 

Are you ready to call in the life & business of your dreams and set the stage for your greatest year? 

Are you ready for clarity and focus to get what you actually want in your business?

Are you ready to know what actions to take this year to move you toward your goals?

Are you ready to get actual results and see your visions COME TO LIFE?

Doing the processes you taught has helped both myself and actually, my husband, everyday someone or something shows up in our physical realm that magically helps us with our goals! 
So cool!

~ Nicola

Happy to say that as of today that intention has happened! Pretty damned stoked.
I then went on to totally manifest a fully filled workshop and people begging for the next one.

~ Stacey

What was entirely new to me at this workshop though was the manifestation side. Of just letting my thoughts take over. Of using language a different way to actually 'allow' these things to enter my life. 

~ Pip

We achieved all but 2 of our vision board goals last year. Made me realise we needed a bigger vision. 👊👊👊

~ Jodi Brown

Imagine what you're going to write when your visions manifest before your very eyes!

Get instant access to the BRAND MAGICK DREAM BOARD Masterclass and let's grooow!

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It’s a very powerful intention & growth strategy
that will have your business start expanding
before your very eyes! 

Get the Masterclass, resources & bonuses
for just $111 USD

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