I remember the day when I looked at my website and logo and .... sighed.

It was one of those things that I didn't see coming
It crept up on me
Then one day

"I hate my logo, my website, my graphics, my message... it's just not me."
I don't sound like that anymore.
I don't do those things anymore.
It doesn't 'feel' like me.

I'm tired of following other peoples rules and
doing shit that doesn't feel good or aligned.


If you're HERE, then you've probably been THERE.

If you're HERE, then you've probably been THERE.

When we grow and evolve in our life and our business…

When we continue to align with our highest vision…

We will become aware that there are things that no longer align.

One of these, at the forefront, is our brand.

O U R   B R A N D   I S   E V E R Y T H I N G

and when we cling to the familiar, safe, usual way we express and communicate our brand we stagnate and feel stuck. If our old and outdated brand does not evolve and grow with us, it holds us back.

It’s time to look inside, get to know the real you, the NOW you and the you that you are becoming. 

It’s our brand that encompasses all of who we are and
is how we project our energy and inner essence out into the world!

It's our vision, our values, our voice, our new next level vibes - OUR ENERGY – done our way.
It’s the experience that our people have when they see us, hear us, interact with us, work with us, feel us and connect with us.

That is our brand.

It's the energetic frequency of our brand that makes us magnetic AF!

It's the strategy and leadership that gives us clarity, confidence & direction & momentum.

It's the curated visuals, graphics, images and presence that grabs their attention so they take a closer look, feel the vibes and
really SEE who you are.

THIS IS the program that i wish i had

each time i stepped into a new level of energy.
a new level of growth.
a new way of thinking
a new way of being
a new set of offers and services
that all felt more aligned
than where i found myself within my brand

What I believe about my work above all else is the underlying right that someone has to just be themselves and to have ultimate freedom in whatever they do. 

make your impact on the world by being your own 100% authentically, unapologetically, unfiltered BRAND

I started my business like most people do.  Got the logo, got the website, business cards printed, off to a networking event I go....

I did not take anything else into consideration, I just scooted off and started doing all the things, wearing all the hats and flying by the seat of my pants.

And it worked!!  Things were awesome. 
I doubled my business each year and by the third year I hit 6 figures.
Fourth year in, I doubled again and hit $240k.

Then life happened, chronic disease blew up in my face and I almost died. Code blue, emergency surgery, months of recovery - all while running my business.   Then kids, hubby in shift work and all my networking went out the window.   It felt like I kept going back to square one.  Uggghhhh.

So I had to learn a new way of doing things... and I did. I learned and learned and the amount of marketing, business, sales and branding knowledge I have is insane.

Fast forward to now.  
I have come so far.  An amazing journey that I am proud of.
I've put myself through my own process, which won me Female Entrepreneur of the Year (worldwide) along with the epic results my clients get.

I level up and bring my brand with me. I have been leaning back and in receiving mode, learning and embodying the energetics, mindset and leadership side of business and life.   Mastering emotional intelligence.  Stepping into my power.

I feel whole again.
My clients are next level awesome! Watching and witnessing the results they get lights me up.  Seeing them in their power and smashing goals, collapsing timelines, growing their teams, their income, their wealth and freedom - IT'S WHAT I LIVE FOR!

This is WHY I am here.  

I expand the people who land in my vortex.

I inspire them to dream bigger, to play in the realms beyond reason, to imagine the unimaginable and to think the unthinkable – and make the moves to get them there.

I guide them to discover who they are and unleash their soul purpose out onto the world.

I am the catalyst to transformation, new perspectives, up-levels and elevation (as Eva so eloquently put it).



This is the program that will give you the sense of peace and permission to be YOU, to be in alignment, to do it your way, to let it be easy, to feel really good about all the things you are doing and the seeds you are watering.

and the confidence to show up and express this to the world, your audience ~ for you, for me, for us. 


6 modules : All modules are ready for you to dive into, work through and integrate.

Private Facebook group: A closed group with access to all content, replays, and group interaction.

Secret Bonus content: Revealed during the course of the program.

Lifetime Access: including updates, all new content and modules added throughout the existence of this program.

Inside the program...


Where you are now
Where you want to be
What you want to level up to
Set the playing field
Get clear on what you really want to do


Embodying your brand
Inner Brand identity
Mindset of being in the next level
Get your energy in the zone
Show up - in alignment


Define your purpose
Craft your mission
Create your vision
Zone of excellence
Structure  & strategy


A voice for your brand
Your messaging
Embodying your values
Standing for something
Positioning in the marketplace

vibes + visuals

Exploring colours
The vibes of your brand
Environment and styles
Upgrading your visuals
Next level & luxe vibes


Showing up online
Your social media feeds
Curating the experience
Personal power - no matter what


Cyber Monday deal

50% off



      All prices are in USD unless otherwise stated.



      All prices are in USD unless otherwise stated.

This is what you get

This is my magick that i am offering to you.

You may have noticed... there is no value stack
There is no old school bro marketing add on 15 bonuses so you feel obligated to buy
There is no convincing

You can feel, in your body, your soul, in your gut (especially if you have a splenic authority like me) whether or not you want to play


Let that be the reason you accept my invitation to curate your brand into energetic and physical alignment with your next level and beyond
One that calls in and magnetises the energetic match of your next level clients

Let your desire to have an irresistible brand that YOU are obsessed with that brings you joy and ignites the fire in you to unleash your magic on the world and make the impact you want to make...

be the reason you join me

I love this work, it is my everything.
Its' the stuff that I can't not talk about and teach.
It's what I've been through, walked through, felt the pressure of and came out the other side.

The investment feels good to me, not because I think it's a good price
But because it is an easy yes - for me, for you, for us
Because the alternative is to work with me 1:1 for much more.
I love groups. I love hive minds, I love the power of a container with multiple people.

That is why this program was birthed - in pure joy and inspiration.

Let that be why you join.
Not because of some made up numbers to convey value for every little piece of every little module in order to add up to a huge number that I get to cross out and list the price it was always meant to be.

It is now $888
On July 4th it will be $1,111

And the next time I offer this live, it will double.
That also makes this a good investment.
But, let desire be the reason for your hell yes.
Let your knowing that this is the next step on your path be the reason for your yes.

Trust yourself
Take that first step
Say YES to your growth, expansion and evolution.
This is just the beginning...

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